The last 2 weeks have been whirlwind. It started with a trip to Moab to do a little guiding. It was my first “guiding” trip rather then the camps I’ve done in the past. It was very similar  in that we rode some awesome trails and everyone had a blast, other then that it was completely different. Luckily I teamed up with the experts, Western Spirit and everything went perfect. The one thing I’ve learned is if you team up with the best people, they always make you look good.

Next up was the Iceman in Traverse City, MI. Now the past few years we’ve had the Niceman, this year was a proper Iceman. Temperatures were in the mid 30’s on race day and there was a wintry mix on and off during the race. I managed to hit the deck on a slick root early on  but caught back to the group with out too much additional effort. Coming into the last KM we were a group of 9, I ended up 8th. Not great but it’s always so much fun to come to the finish in the group fighting for the win. You gotta be there to have a chance so I had that going for me.

Normally I get about 3 hrs sleep after the Iceman. Everyone wants to celebrate the end of the season so it’s a late night and the best flights heading west normally take off around 6 AM. This year I spent the day after the race in Traverse City killing time before heading to Detroit for some Loan Originator training with one of our Lenders. It’s been class all day for the past few days with a couple more before it’s finished and I’m headed back to sunny Durango.

It sounds funny but the race was probably the easiest part of the last few weeks. The guiding was so much fun but I had never done it before. The LO training is great but I haven’t spent this much time in a class room since college. All and all it has been a great couple of weeks getting out of my comfort zone.

Next week is another first for me, I’ll be tackling El Tour de Tucson with one of my athletes. It will be my first real go at being a “hired gun” and hopefully I’ll be a good domestique. The weather should be slightly nicer then we’ve had in Michigan.) I can’t wait to get back down to the Old Pueblo, it’s just about perfect there this time of year. The closest I’ve come to riding around Tucson traffic free was either New Years Day or Superbowl Sunday so I’m looking forward to no traffic lights.

The trails never have any traffic lights. 20170201_112626

I wonder what Meg, Coop and Winston are doing right now……


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